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Instructions to advise if someone is trying to manipulate you

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The Seven Deadly Tricks to Watch Out For 

              From the bedroom to the boardroom find out how to ascertain clearly and simply evaluate information without being swayed by those with selfish interests and unkind intentions. The manipulators bag of tricks is stocked seven deadly tactics which will have you ever jumping through hoops. the great news is that by knowing what they're you'll be careful for them, and never be manipulated again!
These powerful manipulators are: guilt, intimidation, and appeal to ego, fear, curiosity, our desire to be liked, and love. Anyone who uses any of those is attempting to maneuver you from logic to emotion to a playing field that's not so level. He knows that he can't win on the facts so he will attempt to manipulate your emotions with anybody or a mixture of the tactics below.

• Guilt: "How are you able to even say that? I'm hurt that you simply wouldn't trust me. I just do not know who you're anymore."

• Intimidation: "What's the matter, can't you create a decision? Don't you've got enough confidence in yourself to try to to this?"

• Appeal to Ego: "I can see that you are a smart person. i would not attempt to put anything past you. How could I? you would be on to me during a second."

• Fear: "You know, you would possibly just lose this whole . I sure hope you recognize what you're doing. I'm telling you that you simply won't get a far better deal anywhere else. this is often your last shot at making things work out; why does one want to risk losing out on being happy?"

• Curiosity: "Look, you simply live once. Try it. you'll always return to how things were before. it'd be fun, exciting a true adventure. You'll never know unless you are trying and you'll regret never even seeing what happens."

• Our Desire to Be Liked: "I thought you were a true player. So did everybody else. this is often getting to be a true disappointment if you do not come through for us. Come on, nobody likes it when an individual backs out. this will be your chance to prove what you're made from ."

• Love: "If you liked me you would not ask me in fact I even have only your best interests at bottom i would not mislead you. you recognize that at heart inside, don't you? we will have an exquisite relationship if only you'd let yourself go and knowledge the wonders that the longer term will deliver to us."
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