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Computer Science Project Topics And Materials(All are ready for you)

To get any or guild Call: 07063076212 

     ICT part of xseduct has gone far to bring your needs to your door steps. No much talk, but just know that we are ready to be with you till the end of your project defense. We will create project for you, teach you, and advice you. Once you hand your work over to us, you are sure of A Grade. Price tag: We charge based on the project requirement, but have it in mind that our price is so cheap with a good and standard project.

    Even if you are an average student, you can afford to get our service. Why? Because we are here to serve the rich, average and poor. If you think that you can do it your self, but you need our advice and guild based on the programming language you are using, just contact us and we will reply.

Below is some of our ready made project you can easily get from us in conjunction with paper work.
You can Also use below Contact from to tell us your own approved topic so that we can work on it as fast as you need it. Thank you and remain bless.

1: Crime Record Management System(Website program)
2: External Sorting(Desktop Program). 
3: Text-to-speech (Desktop program); An Assistive System Approach
4: Online Soccer Analysis(Website program)
5: Administrative Management System(Desktop program); Best for Companies.
6: Instant Chat System Approach(Desktop program); Best for Companies and Banks
7: Pharmacy Inventory System(Desktop program)
8: Student Information Management System(Website program);
9: Online Library(Website program)
10: Online Examination System(Website program)
11: Beauty Pageant System(Website program)
12: Online forum/Tutorial portal(Website program)
13: Assistive Technology for Impaired(Website program)
14: Student Gp Calculator(Desktop Program).
15: Internet File share(Website program)
16: CISCO: VLAN Networking Configuration (With Packet tracer)
17: CISCO: Different Routing protocol configurations(With Packet tracer)
18: CISCO: DHCP Configuration(With Packet tracer)
19: CISCO: ACCESS-LIST configuration standard 2 or 3(With Packet tracer)
20: CISCO: Layer 2 Switches (With Packet tracer)
21: Online News publisher system and event coverage(Website)
22: Instant WebChat System(Group and Private chat website)
23: Catpcha security system

We will send you the program/already made work, send you the paper work as well and guild you through till you are done with your defense.

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