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The DRB Capital Crockchain - Jokes Tweeting Sell Structured Settlements For School Supplies

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 DRB Capital, the "Lineman of the Bounty", has "unleashed" the concept of selling your structured settlement to pay for school supplies through a barrage of tweets in the last 24 hours.

Breaking down DRB Capital's money losing value proposition to its essential terms, DRB Capital implies that you should sell your stable tax free future structured settlement payments at a discount to buy lead pencils and other school supplies. Let's take a look at the cost of supplies from a leading discount school supply website.

Cost of School Supplies (Source:

Washable chubby markers (8)  $3.37
Set of 12 No. 2 pencils $2.38
BIG bag of pom poms $15.67
Elmer's Glue $1.99
Chubby Crayons (200)  $38.91
24 kid size notebooks  $19.85
1,000 wiggly eyes $16.14
Colored macaroni 2lbs $14.72
12 spiral notebooks $22.44

DRB Capital is ogling your structured settlement payments and it's crystal clear that selling your structured settlement payments to pay for school supplies is a very bad financial move.  Don't do it.

I felt inspired by DRB Capital's financial silliness to parody lyrics for your entertainment

DRB Capital | The Lineman of The Bounty  (to the tune of " Wichita Lineman")

They're the lineman of the bounty

And they drive the AIA

Searching Palm Beach and Broward County

For another cash now toad

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