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Nigerian man narrates how his nightmare began after he was allegedly labeled a fraudster and wrongly arrested by EFCC operatives in Ogun

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 A Nigerian man has described how his "bad dream" started after he was supposedly named a fraudster and wrongly captured by EFCC agents in Ogun. 

@Rotimi_4G who was captured by agents of the counter unite office who broke into his condo by 4am, said he was quiet during the experience since he realized he was "not into digital wrongdoing". 

He anyway blamed the EFCC for declining to deliver him even in the wake of nothing implicating was found in his PC and telephone following a pursuit which went on for quite a long time. The troubled Nigerian man added that he was exposed to bail and given conditions which incorporate "one legal counselor, two guarantee with houses property in ibadan and must be a citizen for at any rate 2 years". 

The Twitter client uncovered that after getting to his loft subsequent to satisfying his bail conditions, he discovered that his condo had been broken into by burglars who trucked away his home apparatuses and even staple. He additionally uncovered that he is starting over from the beginning in light of the activities of agents of the counter join office. 

He tweeted; 

Here is the start of my bad dreams. EFCC broke into my loft around 4am on this day and captured me at gunpoint from the outset I thought they were arm burglar on account of their method of tasks however subsequent to seeing their coat I was quiet since I don't have anything implicating on me, yet much to my dismay that I am consequently a suspect for possessing PC and PDAs. 

They gathered one Android telephone, one iPhone and one little itel telephone, I was still extremely quiet since I am not into digital wrongdoing yet my story changed when I got to their office. 

At Ibadan, without examination they took my photos close by with others and transferred it on the web, my heart was broken in light of the fact that my picture has been demolished in light of the fact that I own PC and PDAs. 

Later I was given over to I.O (examination Officer ) three individuals scan my telephones and Laptop for more than four hours they even took it to their ICT yet nothing implicating was found. I figured I will be delivered that day since nothing was found on me untill they gave me 

Bail condition I was unable to get together ( one legal counselor, two guarantee with houses property in ibadan and must be a citizen for at any rate 2 years) to make matter legal advisor needed to gather 200k for offense I think nothing about. 

I was in the cell for two days and I had unspeakable involvement with that cell just God will convey me from the psychological unsettling influence and enthusiastic issue, I continue asking myself what did I foul up? No proof in me except for yet kept. 

At last I get together with bail condition on the third day and I was delivered distinctly for me to return home and discover that my loft was looted again after EFCC broke into it and left it opened, my plasma television gone, each great machines in that room was taken including groceries. 

Before I overlook my gadget is still with them since they are as yet doing their examination on it, I figured EFCC do their exploration prior to doing capture, I thought there is Justice and basic liberty in this nation, presently I am starting over from the beginning gratitude to EFCC.

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