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Igbos brought drugs to the north, biggest armed robbers in North have been Igbo

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 Previous Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf has blamed Southerners in the country for profiling the Fulani ethnic gathering despite the fact that a few clans from the locale are supposedly liable for certain indecencies in the Northern area of the country. 

Talking in a meeting with The Sun, Usman affirmed that tumults for rebuilding and severance are extortion apparatuses being utilized by the Igbos and Yorubas to constrain their way into the Presidential Villa in Abuja in 2023. 

At the point when inquired as to why he said the 17 Southern lead representatives ought to have counseled Fulani bunches prior to forbidding open brushing despite the fact that Kano and some other northern states restricted the utilization of liquor without conveying along different partners, Usman said; 

I said and I'm rehashing it that the Asaba announcement is unlawful dependent on Section 4 of the Nigerian Constitution, which ensures each Nigerian the option to live and make money in any piece of the country paying little mind to nationality, governmental issues or religion. What they did was illegal, invalid and void. Besides, making a specific law that is explicit against an ethnic gathering is hazardous. I likewise said that Asaba statement is only a planned stopped request for all Fulani to leave the South. It is very much like the legislative head of Kano or any state in the North saying, 'don't sell spare parts' and doesn't give an elective spot to Igbo brokers to sell their products. 

A large number of these Fulani in the South have lived there for ages; many don't communicate in Hausa. Thus, in case I'm legislative head of a state in the North and say, don't sell spare parts here, yet I didn't give an elective spot to you to sell spare parts, it is very much like saying Igbo spare parts vendors should leave my place. Asaba presentation was only a stopped request for all Fulani to leave the South. Fulani herders have begun leaving the South-East, which is hazardous. Administration matters. 

Those 17 lead representatives didn't thoroughly consider the public safety ramifications of their political manipulating in Asaba. Those herders are residents of the South; you don't make laws without speaking with them. They have lived there for ages more than a significant number of these lead representatives. Out of nowhere, you advise them not to do how they have helped ages. You criticize them for every one of the wrongdoings in the South. What of the Eastern Security Network and IPOB that are slaughtering police and everyone there? We should check whether these killings will stop as Fulani are leaving the South. 

Southern lead representatives should be reasonable. They are saying all the security issues in the South are a result of Fulani herders who have lived there for ages. They are simply attempting to track down an ethnic gathering to attack and I cautioned that they ought to be cautious. There are more than 15 million Igbo living calmly in the North. We elderly folks and all our conventional rulers, just as ministers have been attempting to hold things down. We have seen seven Hausa Suya merchants murdered in Imo; we have seen pictures posted online by ESN IPOB of Fulani families, ladies and youngsters they executed. I have by and by communicated with these families. 

No one is saying anything. I reprimanded Igbo pioneers for their quiet. In the event that anything happens to the Igbo in the North, the principal individuals that will come out are conventional rulers and the priests will quiet down the circumstance. In any case, in the South-East, Nnamdi Kanu and ESN are doing that wickedness explicitly focusing on another ethnic gathering, yet I don't hear a word from any Igbo senior. They are in Abuja searching for Igbo administration. 

The manner in which they are going, South-East will be more terrible than the North-East. These Igbo chiefs that are yelling Igbo administration will race to Abuja or Lagos. They fear Nnamdi Kanu and are attempting to pacify him. In the South-West, Igboho, who is only an uneducated, a political hooligan is doing this gibberish and now giving orders in the area that professes to be extremely instructed, yet everyone is keeping quiet. The North is looking and observing unobtrusively. Out of nowhere, the South-West pioneers raced to Lagos to say, they are not for severance. You can't have your cake and eat it. 

You can't accumulate you 17 in Asaba and give individuals quit notice and came to Lagos and say, we are not along with them. No, you are together. Asaba affirmation is unlawful, invalid and void and they should be extremely cautious. Legislative issues isn't danger, it isn't coercion. It is connecting with individuals. 

Usman likewise asserted that the Igbos broughts medications toward the north, while the greatest furnished burglars in North have purportedly been Igbo, Yoruba and Edo individuals. 

He added; 

I'm 60 years of age and I have lived in this country sufficiently long. All they are saying is horse crap and they realize that. All you SANs, large numbers of them are my youngsters and communicate with them and they call me. They are disclosing to us that the Fulani are the reason for the security issue in the entire of the South. The Fulani have left the South-East now and it is unnerving. They can do every one of their discussions. These SANs you are discussing are in Abuja, they ought to be in the South-East captivating IPOB, similarly as we go inside the backwoods to draw in the desperados. 

In the event that I utilize my cows to annihilate your ranch, isn't there a law against it? For what reason would it be a good idea for them to paint the entire of the Fulani in the South in terrible light? The Igbo acquired medications the North and they are additionally into burglary. The 19 lead representatives have never polluted the Igbo. The greatest equipped burglars in the North have been Igbo, Yoruba and Edo individuals and they are likewise the greatest criminals. Go to Kano, the medications are brought from the East. We are cautioning the South against profiling, criticizing, dehumanizing an ethnic gathering, as this won't go anyplace. So they can do all the gibberish, we are exceptionally taught as well. The constitution is clear; Section 4 ensures each resident. There are significantly more Yoruba, Igbo and different Southerners in the North living well overall and calmly. 

The Southern lead representatives should be exceptionally cautious. Ondo State lead representative, Akeredolu, who is initiating this, did his NYSC in Yola and remained in Yola to rehearse as a youthful legal counselor. The friendliness of the Fulani in Yola is the thing that made him what he is today. He is hitched to an Igbo lady as, should be a superior Nigerian that some other individual. Individuals should be exceptionally cautious; these lawmakers will wreck this country and flee. This country we call Nigeria was brought by the blood and sweat of individuals, not this crafty government officials. On the off chance that they keep making laws denouncing an ethnic gathering, Igbo will be the washouts. 

That is the reason we seniors in the North are raising our voices to say that the Asaba jabber should stop. The murdering of Northerners in the East by the purported obscure shooters who all of you know are IPOB/ESN should stop. Igbo have far land and monetary interests in the North, graciousness of the altruism, the consideration and the liberality of our kin across the North. On the off chance that a lead representative chooses to deny or do any law to repudiate their land or their monetary ventures, Igbo will be washouts. 

Igbo should be cautious; they have such a lot of ventures thus a large number of them are living in the North. The North hasn't anyone in the South, as they have now kicked out every one of the Fulani herders in the South-East. 

On Southern Governors requesting rebuilding, Usman expressed that it is evenhanded for northerners and furthermore scrutinized the quantity of votes individuals from the South-East gave Buhari. 

He added; 

It isn't fair for us in the North. I'm from Katsina, a similar state with the president. What number of votes did the whole South-East give him? We gave him 1.2 million votes. What do we need to show for it? We don't have anything to show yet passing and annihilation. You folks say that Buhari is nepotistic. Is there any express that a president has terminated four CEOs of key offices from his state during his organization? Which state is that? It is Katsina. Lawal Daura, DSS; myself, Prof Usman Yusuf, NSIF; Prof Naimek Ahmed, and Hadija Bala Usman, NPA. These are four key organizations in this country that the president terminated. Has he done that in any state? He is nepotistic with regards to arrangement and furthermore nepotistic with regards to terminating. 

The NHIS previous leader secretary anyway multiplied down and guaranteed that the north isn't anxious about restructurig. 

At the point when informed that the South can't push for rebuilding in light of the fact that the North will yell it down, he said; 

Who fears rebuilding. Individuals in the South think that the North fears rebuilding, and they are totally off-base. Our lives in the North were superior to it was with every one of these states. Every one of these individuals gathering themselves as Middle Belt Forum and this discussion are not addressing anyone; they are simply addressing themselves and attempting to be pertinent for 2023. 

No one in the North fears rebuilding. Also, each one of those requesting rebuilding don't have the foggiest idea what they need. Thirdly, there are individuals who unfairly accept that rebuilding will change their discretionary condition that will make their ethnic gathering to be the following president in 2023 and there are the individuals who are utilizing rebuilding and withdrawal, Biafra and Oduduwa Republic as coercion apparatus, imagining that they will shakedown themselves into the Villa in 2023. 

Rebuilding can never occur without cross examining the 1999 Constitution as changed in light of the fact that it perceives a day and a half. For you to do anything you should cross examine that constitution. I'm looking at returning to genuine federalism, where we were. Genuine countries are graphing the path forward, however self centered government officials need to take us in reverse where they will be the head. These warlords that call themselves lead representatives, would they be able to surrender their workplaces? They will not. You need rebuilding, proceed to question the c

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