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Laravel Error And Solution - Images Is showing on local but 404 error on live Server

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Hello programmers, i am the Web master in If you are having this error in your laravel project, you have come to the right platform because i always post the error i have faced and the solution to it.

Note that the error you are facing is a configuration error and the below is the solution

1. I assume that i created a folder named core inside public_html and pasted my laravel project files inside public_html/core/

2. Create a folder inside public_html as public_html/storage/app/public

3. Now Navigate and open /public_html/core/config/filesystems.php

Adjust two(Public and Links) code set to look like below:

NOTE: Am trying to change the storage path so that our images can be store where it can be accessible.

 'public' => [

            'driver' => 'local',

            'root' => storage_path('../../../public_html/storage/app/public'),

            'url' => env('APP_URL').'/storage',

            'visibility' => 'public',


'links' => [

            public_path('storage') => storage_path('../../../public_html/storage/app/public'),    


4. From your Terminal, Run this command to see the folders / directories


5. Run the below command to navigate to your laravel files

COMMAND: cd public_html/core

6. Run the below command to create a storage link.

COMMAND: php artisan storage:link

7. Go to your Model file(e.g Modes/User.php) that has the function that is returning your profile picture or image to your blade file and edit to below code

 public function profileImage(){

  $imagePath = blablabla

  return '/storage/app/public/'.$imagePath;


Don't hesitate to ask your questions. If you are finding it difficult, we can assist you in your server from here.

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