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They can not stop kidnapping but can ban Twitter, Banky W tackles FG, suggests Nigerians should stop voting for any politicians older than 65

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 Artist and lawmaker, Banky W, has depicted as ''Clueless'' the Federal government's choice to suspend Twitter activities in the country. 

In a progression of Tweets, Banky said the public authority can't quit abducting and different indecencies tormenting the country however they can come out to boycott Twitter. He recommended that since the retirement age in Nigeria is 65, Nigerians should frame the propensity for not democratic into office, legislators who are over 65. 

His tweets read 

''Nigerian Government boycotts Twitter, and report the restriction ON Twitter. You can't make this up. Dumbfounded. 

They can't quit seizing, outfitted theft and psychological oppression... the nation is as hazardous as could be expected... however they can hold onto identifications and square financial balances of tranquil dissidents. They boycott digital currency. They boycott Twitter. Totally distant from the situation of youngsters. 

The retirement age in Nigeria is 65. Imagine a scenario where we choose not to decide in favor of anybody beyond 65 years old. Despite party. On the off chance that you'll be throughout 65 at the hour of decisions, we will not decide in favor of you. It'll at any rate dispense with a whole gathering that has had enough freedoms to fix this wreck. 

We did #NotTooYoungToRun. Would we be able to consider doing #NowToOldToRule? In case you're more than 65, you've gotten your opportunity to help fix this wreck. Isn't it time for that whole age to rest? The Nigerian Government ought not be a retirement home. It merits an idea. It merits a shot. 

I know being youthful doesn't ensure great administration. However, in any event a more youthful yield of applicants decreases the chance of us being left with pioneers who are totally withdrawn from youngsters. We would then be able to zero in on Competence, Character and Credibility. #NowTooOldToRule''

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