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Actor Harry Hamlin reacts to 38 year old Scott Dissick dating his 20 year old daughter

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Entertainer Harry Hamlin has uncovered how he feels about his girl dating a man who is 18 years more seasoned than she is. 

During Wednesday night's scene of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the 69-year-old father to Amelia Hamlin said however he wished Amelia was dating somebody nearer to her age, he doesn't actually have an any grounds to be taken seriously with regards to investigating the age contrast since he had dated 44-year-old Ursula Andress when he was just 28 years of age and offers a child with her. 

He said; 

"My sentiments about it, I should admit: The issue that is the most suffering is the age contrast, which to me is odd. 

"Yet, on the other hand, each time I think about that, I consider myself and Ursula Andress. I was 14 years more youthful than she when we had (our child) Dimitri, so I can't actually gripe, right?" 

Rinna likewise said that her girl's relationship with Disick has accompanied its own arrangement of difficulties, calling attention to the bogus bits of gossip about them being locked in. 

She said; 

"The press stuff that is coming is, similar to, heavenly guacamole. My mother saw it on the lookout and called and said, 'Is this valid?' I'm similar to, 'Mother, no!' But I mean, that is the thing that we're managing."

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