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Lawyer - Interpol arrested Sunday Igboho and his wife in Benin Republic

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 Yoruba country fomenter, Sunday Igboho's attorney, Yomi Alliyu (SAN), has revealed that his customer and his better half, Ropo were captured at Benin in Cotonou, Benin Republic by the International Criminal Police Organization. 

Alliyu said the Federal Government of Nigeria through INTERPOL got Adeyemo also known as Sunday Igboho and his better half, who is a German resident, captured on Monday night, July 19, at an air terminal in neigboring Benin Republic while attempting to get a trip to Germany. 

The legal advisor portrayed the capture of his customer as surprising and asked the public authority of Germany, Benin Republic and the global local area to control the exemption of the Nigerian Government by declining any application for removal Igboho who as of now has application under the watchful eye of the International Criminal Court appropriately recognized. 

Expressing that one of the people killed during a strike on Igboho's home on July 1 was his colleague, Alliyu additionally affirmed that Olalekan visited Igboho with two police accompanies who were incapacitated and their weapons showed to embroil Igboho. 

The assertion read; 

'It is a stunning news that Nigerian Government has gotten Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho Oosa captured by INTERPOL in Republic of Benin despite the political idea of his offene and what the DSS prior said that they ceased from capturing him so as not to overheat the country of Southwestern Nigeria. 

"It is prudent for the INTERPOL and Benin Republic to know about the viciousness acts submitted in our customers house in the extremely early times of first July, 2021; somewhere in the range of 1.00am and 3.00am; shooting their direction through and killing 2 individuals all the while and vindictively harming his properties over the span of that illicit intrusion. 

"However the attacking DSS officials didn't express any justification their intrusion to our customer previously or during attack they later marched 13 individuals and ammo which our customer denied to be his as he is a quiet campaigner for self-assurance and it is on acceptable record that the firearms and ammo showed were a similar shown in 2013 in another example. 

"This could be seen on 2013 Facebook however DSS has excused this on their site. However, what they can't deny is that when they were going out they left with two carcasses and individuals captured and nothing more aside from 2 weapons having a place with the police escorts of Mr Adisa Saheed Olalekan. 

"One individuals they killed was one Mr Saheed Adisa Olalekan of Oladams Motors, Osogbo, who came to Sunday Igboho's home to examine auto business. He accompanied 2 police accompanies. However the police officers were not among individuals marched to the general population, their weapons were among those shown. 

"The Extradition Treaty of 1984 between Togo. Nigeria, Ghana and Republic of Benin rejected political outlaws. It additionally expresses that where the outlaw won't get equity due to separation or potentially excessive postponement in indictment the host nation ought not deliver the criminal. 

"Presently, Article 20 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights to which the four check 

"This made Chief Sunday Adeyemo a POLITICAL OFFENDER who can't be expelled or potentially removed by the great individuals of the Republic of Benin under any circumstance. 

"Besides, that he can't get Justice or even be killed is clear in how those captured in his home were confined for over 21 days now without admittance to their attorneys. Indeed, even the spouse among them couldn't change her underpants for 21 days! Which barbaric treatment can be more this? 

"Again another spouse of our customer Mrs Ropo Adeyemo, a German Citizen, has been captured along with her better half in Cotonou. What offense has she resolved to warrant this? 

"We encourage the great legislature of the Republic of Benin and global local area, particularly Germany, to ascend and check the exemption of the Nigerian Government by declining any application for removal of our Client who as of now has application before ICC properly recognized."

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