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On top, in any part of life - Rapper Lil Wayne talks about his favorite s3x position with Nicki Minaj on Instagram Live

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 Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne had a talk about sex positions on Instagram. 

On Thursday night, the long-lasting partners went live on Instagram and Nicki Minaj put a spotlight on Lil' Wayne by asking him his #1 sex position during their discussion. 

In a clasp getting out and about on Twitter, Nicki Minaj asks Lil Wayne gruffly, "What's your #1 position?" 

Not thinking twice, Wayne answers, "On top, in any piece of life — not simply the room. Simply on top." 

Nicki says, "I keep neglecting he's so screwing keen and afterward it's consistently a risqué remark." 

Lil Wayne proceeds, "I can clarify. At the point when you on top — presently, I would prefer not to wreck you Nicki. Tune in, when you're on top, you just lay her down and go, 'Stop movin, stop movin, stop all that humpin' back." 

Nicki then, at that point bounces in, "Let me say this first Wayne and you disclose to me how you feel as a person. In the event that the young lady's legs can't go as far as possible up like that so the n-gga can suck your toes while he's on top, then, at that point you ain't doing it right. 

Wayne answers: "I'm not into that. I like the lady to set down and simply gaze toward me, just to see the force she has over me in such a second. 

"So a lady could resemble, 'So damn I'm simply laying here, I ain't bumping back, I ain't sitting idle and you feeling like this? I'm an incredible muthafucka.' I very much like a lady to know the force she has, have."

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