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Reno Omokri - Our economy is dying and our priority is who did or did not attend a dead mans funeral?

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Reno Omokri has handled those censuring general managers of Nigerian temples who didn't go to the burial service of late Prophet T.B Joshua. 

As per the previous official associate, Nigeria's economy is biting the dust and the point on the Internet is about those that didn't go to the burial service of a dead man. He affirmed that individuals just go to memorial services of those they connected with while they were alive. His post peruses 

''Regardless of whether in religion, legislative issues, or amusement, throughout everyday life, individuals normally just go to the burial services of people they connected with during their lives. On the off chance that you didn't connect with somebody while that individual lived, and all the more critically, that individual likewise didn't connect partner with you in the course of their life, it is fraudulent to go to their burial service. 

Nigeria produced ?3.4 trillion of every 2020, and burned through ?3.3 trillion overhauling (not reimbursing) obligation, and our need is who did or didn't go to a dead man's burial service? The man has kicked the bucket and can't un-bite the dust. In any case, our economy is passing on when our administration burns through 95% of its income overhauling obligation! That is the reason $1 is currently ?504. Allow us to zero in on issues that matter!''

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