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Download All kind of USB Spi Flash Bios Programmer Software - like, Software for EZP2010, EZP2020, CH347, G200P/G200, EZP2025, XTW-3 etc.

Hello Tech folks, have you been working on different chips or Winbond chips, Hardwares. Then you came across or buy USB flash chip Programmer but you didn't have the software. Here we will make it easy for you.

We are Wakabiang.com tech. We will assist you, even if you want to buy any kind of flash Bios programmer box(e.g EZP2010, EZP2020, CH347, G200P/G200, EZP2025, XTW-3) around Nigeria, we will sell and waybill it to you.

Note: The software cost N500

Here is Wakabia Tech Personal Account

Bank Name: UBA

Bank Account Number: 2052033029

Bank Account Name: Udoka Ezepue

Mobile: +2347063076212

Make the payment and send the screenshot to contactwakabia@gmail.com ,

We will send you the software back to that your email


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