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One Of The Great Place For The Perfect Quickie

   Be careful of the style or position you want to go down with. Hahaha, one of my guys told me one day how he nearly hits his head at the wall because the ground was slippery. I told him that he didn’t choose the best position.

What better place to have a quickie than in the shower? It’s romantic, steamy, and both of you are already naked wao!

You can be as loud and wild as you want, just be careful not to slip. Make sure that there’s plenty of foreplay to get her going and make it easier to get inside.

Couples I advice you not to always do it with your wife on bed, try something else that is romantic.

Please note: Try positions such as standing doggy, standing missionary, over the edge or in the backdoor. For more advice, check out this SEX POSITIONS THAT'LL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!

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  1. I didnt see the back of the car on the list. The last time someone told me about it, it sounded exciting.