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17 year old girl was impregnated by a university student.

This post was sent to us by Paul Okeke this morning through our post application medium.

He Said (Paul):
           This 16 year old girl called Nancy which happen to be my casual friend,  she told me the other day that this her new boy friend  that is still in university (never graduated)  got her pregnant after having sex with him. And he is not ready to marry her now. She said that the guy loves her so much but the problem now is that the guy is still in school.
What did you advice her to do?
Paul said that Nancy is confused on what to do in this early problem.

Xseduct Advice: Mr Paul, we advice that she should try harder to keep the child. By God grace the guy might still come in future and seek for her hand in marriage. That is when he finishes with his education and settle down. 
We need your contributions?

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  1. Am i the only one who thinks paul have a hand in this? Sorry if i gave you the red mark Paul. Its not my fault all the paul i know aint loyal. As for the baby she shldnt try anything funny cos God got his eye on her.

    1. @ Felix you can't be sure of that. but keeping the baby is the best thing to do.

  2. my suggestions is for her to kip d baby

  3. I am Paul Okeke. Thanks Xseduct for the post and advice. am happy to see my request been answered, by publishing my post which i need peoples contributions from. Please oo @ Efobi you are on your own, my hands are clean. Any way thanks for the second thought, and thanks @ chika.

  4. she should think twice and make sure that the guy love her so much. else she should abort it because she is still young. i have my reasons.