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Why do we have many unmarried girls in Nigeria(Tips&Solution)


Today I am going to detail some points why we have many unmarried young and old girls in Nigeria.

Many girls has been calling me on phone, texting me in my mail, asking me what would they do in other too get married, that they are no more young girls any more. Some told me that she is so nice to guys that she has dated but ended up not marrying the person. Some will ask me, could it be because I had s3x with him during the time we were dating. Some told me that she didn’t allow her man to see her pant till the time that I didn’t know what came over him. Why some asked me, is it that young guys nowadays don’t want to marry again. I tell you, many girls are leaving their home to another home (getting married) every day by day. i told them that they are cause of their problem, instantly I gave them tips and solution that will lead them to their desired guy which is their destined husband.
I decided to write out some views and guild for those girls that are seeking for solution to this kind of problem.

WAIT: Marriage is not a holiday. It’s a life time and not a part time.
Hey: The above picture could be an image of your friend, she is married now through our guild and advice. we are just using the picture to demonstrate how our girls always look when they remember that they are still in their parent house.

% means that if you (she) apply those reasons, it will yield a positive result of that percentage
1.    Been nice to a guy during your dating period is most paramount thing to do. If you are saying that you are nice, you have to make it clear and let that your niceness live inside you. Not that you are nice today, tomorrow you will become scorpion, the upper day you will become tiger.

2.    Having s3x with your guy during the time of dating could not be cause (60%). Because there are some guys that will love you more and want to marry you immediately if they have s3x with you, but it is applicable to most no womanizers. So you have to be careful at this point

3.    Not having s3x to a guy during dating period. This doesn’t mean that he will marry you, because Niger guys don’t believe that Niger girls are faithful. Most Niger guys believe that every girl have a man that do have s3x with her any time she need it, so not having s3x with your man may not make her to marry you. On less if the guy is wise enough to know that you are not a flirt that is if you are not (80).

4.    No much guy that want to marry in Nigeria? Guys who want to marry are much in Nigeria, even me (joking, never ready.)  But they are searching for the one with good attitude: God fearing, jovial, faithful, respectful, good cook, loving and romantic. Etc.

5.    Girls hiding their love to their guy hoping that it will make the guy to stay with them (30%). I noticed what most Nigerian girls do this day. if they found out that a guy who is humble, not a womanizer, is in love with them, instead of the girl to open her heart for the guy and treat him lovely, she will be forming thinking that she is trying to keep the guy because the guy is the best. The worse thing is that the girl wouldn’t tell the guy that he is the best or even tell the guy sweet things he will always want to hear. I tell you, if you are that kind of girl, stop it because one day the guy will leave you to another girl who will make him happy (happiness is what everybody wants in marriage or relationship).

6.    Good looking girl (90%). always looking good as a girl is the best thing every young girls must be doing. Don’t say that because you are a Christian or you don’t belong to things of the world. Even in the Bible God our load said it, Try and be pure, both in the heart and body. So note that guys like good looking girls.

7.    Over classical girls (30%). Most of our Niger girls still don’t understand the situation of our country, that things are not easy. To be a man is not a day job. As a young girl, you have to bring yourself down if you want to have a home and hear your children call you mommy, don’t look at your family background. If your family has excess money, don’t allow that wealth to control you, pay attention to average guys that is coming your way, and love them. Who knows, he might be you destined husband. Stop waiting for those that will come with Good looking Cars.

 8.  Stop been over selective (20%). You will be there looking for a handsome guy, tall, has pointed nose, etc. you will loose all. is good to look for what your heart desires, but don't over do it.

9.  Finally, It is God that gives husband, just wait for your time(100%). yes we know that, but do your best first and leave the rest to God. some times you will push a guy much for him to come quick and see your people, is  very bad girls, allow a guy to take decision at his own time. the more you push him, the more he gets week.  

If you want to marry quickly as a young beautiful girl, try and always go for morning masses in your church, try and always attend to Sunday masses, join choir (church singers) even if you don’t have the a nice voice.

Most guys like to look for their future wife in the church.
There are many points that I suppose to give out, but I want you girls to try and maintain the above tips and solution, it will help you.

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  1. Correct post bro. Again Girls should not wait to long the Mr. Nice guy. As in (8.)

    1. You are highly welcome. it's good to tell the truth so that the wise once will correct them self.

  2. Xseduct I really appreciate your guild andvice. Thank you a million times.