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Should i divorce or forgive him

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             My spouse or husband and I have just been married a year and six months and he has hot temper issues although he doesn't hit me but I have been pushed down. This happened as of late in a terrible quarrel and I got pushed down just at this point I am 5 months pregnant with his child.

He likewise left and called the police on me turning everything around as if I am the cause of everything. Presently I am confronting with a second degree charge, fines, probably it might lead me to jail and he is being marked as the casualty/victim and I the litigant/defendant.

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                    I have never had a record ever until this and now I have three court dates and this on me while he doesn't ha anything. I was even taken to hospital the day it happened. I don't recognize what to do I adore my spouse and I wish this was a bad dream. So, can we fix this or is it time to call it quits?

Your spouse pushed you down whiles pregnant and called the police on you? Presently you're confronting and taken in by the court and may lead you to prison time with this pregnancy all as a result of the man you call your spouse? What's more, your inquiry is would it be advisable for you to separate? I'm astounded.

No don't separate, hold up until he kills or executes you! What are you sitting tight for? You ought to love however not at the purpose of putting your life at an aggregate danger. When you're in prison he'll be moving with another young lady and having a fabulous time. Your spouse doesn't love you so don't waste your time loving him back. Pardon him and recuperate yourself, however don't backtrack or go back to him else you'll loose your life!

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