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The six star test to see if someone is a true friend

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Does she really care about you? Is he loyal? Is he just pretending to love you? Sometimes it are often hard to sift out those that pretend to be our friends from real true friends. But you do not need to waste time in dead-end or selfish relationships anymore. With these psychological secrets you'll never need to worry whether he's got your best interests at bottom or his own! You'll know needless to say whenever . This could be an honest place to remind you that friendship is that the foundation for any relationship. If you're with someone who fails this test, the connection might not be a really sound one.

THE SIX-STAR TEST to ascertain IF SHE'S a real FRIEND
♦ Interest
One important criterion that defines a lover is how interested the person is in your life. Tell her about something significant that's happening in your life and see if she calls to follow up and determine what happened. If she doesn't, then call her and see if she mentions it. Finally, if she doesn't bring it up, hint about it and see if she even remembers the conversation you had about it previously.

♦ Loyalty
Tell a secret a few mutual friend and see if it gets back to him or her. True friends know the worth of trust during a relationship. Just confirm that you simply get the permission of your friend to inform her secret to the present other person.

♦ Pride
Anyone can tell you to cheer up. It makes them feel good. But see who pats you on the rear for an honest job. those that aren't driven by jealousy and envy will do exactly that. Your true friends are pleased with your accomplishments, not jealous of your successes. See if a lover involves you once you get excellent news , not just bad news. There are many people that are willing to "cheer us up" when things aren't going well. But it's harder to seek out someone who will congratulate us when things are going well.

♦ Honesty
A true friend is someone who tells you the items that you simply don't need to listen to . She is willing to possess you be upset together with her if it'll assist you . Does she tell you things that are for your benefit albeit she knows that it'd cause you to upset with her?

♦ Respect
Tell her that there's something exciting something that's good happening in your life but you absolutely prefer to not mention it immediately and see if she presses you thereon there is a difference between curiosity and concern. If she "must know" then she's just curious about the gossip and not in you. an honest friend will respect your wishes and provides you your space for now. She may bring it up from time to time, because she's interested, but she won't constantly and immediately press you thereon if you create it clear that you simply choose to not discuss it now. the rationale you employ a positive rather than a negative "mystery" is because if an honest friend feels that something is wrong or that you simply aren't well, she is going to enforce knowing now because she cares you do not want to "test" her this manner , however, because you would not want to place your friend through this.

♦ Sacrifice
Is she willing to offer up something if it means making you happy? Will she sacrifice her own pleasure for your happiness? Who decides what you do? is that the word compromise in her vocabulary? And when the chips are down and it's you against them, most of the people scramble to guard their own interests. Notice if she is that the one who has ideas or an idea to assist both of you to "escape unscathed" or whether she just looks to save lots of herself and protect her own interests.

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