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beautiful Ashiya Brown Lost 85 Pounds: ‘I Gained So Much Confidence From My Weight Loss!’

   Ashiya Brown is 31 and currently weighs 135 pounds. In 2003, she decided to get fit before going off to college. This is the story of her weight-loss journey.

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The Turning Point
Weight became an issue for me in the fourth grade. I remember the first time I was called fat by a classmate. I noticed I was bigger than my friends. I remember going swimming, and all the other girls had two-piece suits on and I didn’t, and I clearly knew why.

Senior year, I had a number of major events including graduation, my debutante cotillion ball, and prom. I felt uncomfortable about my weight, like I was trapped in my body, and had enough. I wanted to start over before I went away to college. I remember picking out prom dresses, and my mother took me to Detroit to get my dress and shoes. I selected a pair of rhinestone high heels and the employee at the store said, “You need a big-girl shoe, you will wear this heel down.” My Mom and I left the store and I was mortified, that’s when I knew I had to make a change.

The Changes
My father was extremely encouraging, and had recently lost about 30 pounds himself. He told me music got him through his workouts, so he bought me a CD Walkman (before iPods) and a pair of Nike running shoes. He also purchased for me a gym membership, and started taking me with him and telling me which machines would be the best for me. After I got a workout routine down, I started to change my eating habits. My father was the only one in our home who would eat wheat bread and make protein shakes as meal replacements, so I started watching him and copied whatever he did. I also stopped drinking anything but water for a period of time and starting counting calories so I knew how much energy I put into my body. After only about two weeks of working out, I started to notice weight loss and got obsessed with the process. I was motivated to workout even harder. The stair stepper at this particular gym was amazing, and I would watch my dad do it and see people staring at him and talking about how long he could stay on the machine, so I wanted to do the same.
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I felt extremely motivated, I could see a difference week by week, and my father put the icing on the cake by offering me an entire new wardrobe if I achieved my goal weight. I would get all the clothing catalogs of my favorite stores, and circle what I was going to get. I also kept thinking about college, as I had just been accepted and knew where I was going. Three of my closest friends were coming with me and I didn’t want to be the “fat friend” anymore.

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The After
I felt like a new person. I gained so much confidence from my weight loss, I felt like I could do anything. I watched myself change my entire outward appearance, and then I felt fearless. Guys gave me lots of attention, which was a first for me, and I started dating. I also felt as if people generally were more accepting of me, I really felt more accepted by society. I would get complimented on a daily basis and didn’t worry about people judging me and treating me differently for being overweight.


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