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Ted Cruz believes Biden should answer for FBIs supposed role in Trump era Capitol riot

Sen. Ted Cruz appeared Tuesday on Hannity, following a hearing earlier in the day in which the Texas Republican questioned Jill Sanborn, the...
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Here is what was found in DHS monitored Jan. 6 anniversary threats online

WASHINGTON — A bomb danger by somebody professing to have been captured regarding the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. A computer game player ...
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Breaking !! Turkmenistans leader wants Gates of Hell fire put out

 ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) — The leader of Turkmenistan is requiring a finish to one of the country's most prominent yet diabolical si...
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Dantata says that the current system of government has failed Nigeria

Billionaire businessman, Alhaji Aminu Dantata has said that the presidential system of government practised in Nigeria has failed the countr...
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Christianity does not permit homos3xuality but gay marriage is legal - Former Kano Emir son Ashraf says after he asked why polygamy is not legal in UK

Former Emir of Kano's son, Ashraf Sanusi has said that Christianity does not permit homosexuality and polygamy but gay marriage is legal...
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RMD react with responds to critics of his wifes decision to give up fame to build their family

Richard Mofe-Damijo has reacted after his post hailing his better half on their wedding commemoration prompted a discussion. The entertainer...
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Missing UNIJOS student reportedly found dead in hotel with her eyes plugged out

A missing understudy of the University of Jos, Plateau State, recognized as Jennifer Anthony has been supposedly viewed as dead The 300 leve...
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